Tips for Painting Wood Signs

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Painting wood signs is so popular right now.  And to be honest, I have seen my own home decor change to incorporate more of them into our house.  I love attending a fun sign painting party, and then also creating some here at home.  Having created some in various ways ~ both with painting wood signs, using stencils, and even using my Silhouette Cameo ~ I am bringing you some tips today to share with you.  I hope these will make your next wood sign painting experience better!

Since farmhouse style is so popular right now, you can find so many ideas for creating that perfect sign for your home. While my preferred way to create these is to use vinyl and do the reverse stencil technique, like in my Farmhouse Welcome Sign, sometimes it is so nice to just have stencils on hand, and whip up a few signs in an afternoon.  The stencils I used for this project are from  Stencil Revolution.  

First, choose a piece of wood that is straight.  If it is warped at all, it will be hard to paint.  I find that Hobby Lobby has the best selection of size and wood types for creating signs.  Secondly, paint the entire wood surface first, including the edges.  This can even be a simple white wash of white craft paint mixed with a bit of water.  You just want to give it a nice background. 

Secondly, line your stencil straight on your piece of wood, and tape down the edges with painter’s tape. My preference is to have the stencil and wood piece the same size, as that makes it so much easier.

The key to a well done sign is the right tools.  Using a small sponge type of brush is the best option.  Even a make up sponge would work really well! You don’t want to brush the paint on, you want to dab it.  And the less paint you use at the beginning, the better off you will be, so it doesn’t bleed.  You can always add more, but it’s hard to take it away. And if it bleeds too much, you have to start over.

As far as paint, chalk paint is ideal.  It doesn’t need a primer, and can easily be distressed if you choose to do so.  Another great option is acrylic paint.  There are SO many great colors of this, and it is easy to create a project with multiple colors when you use acrylic paint.  I have also used spray paint in the past, especially when I only want to work with two colors.  I think this coats the surface well, and doesn’t lend to bleeding like acrylic paint.

Wait a bit before adding the second coat, if you choose to do so.  Regardless, don’t let your paint dry all the way before you peel the stencil off. If you do so, that can peel the paint off as well.  Try to pull the stencil off with the wood grain.  This makes it come off easier, and you have a lesser chance of pulling the paint up with your stencil.

Painting wood signs can be so easy, with a little bit of patience.  Don’t be afraid to do some trial and error, and get a feel for the technique.  I hope these tips and tricks give you some ideas and confidence to create your own wood signs at home!



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