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Top Five Reasons To Dine with Characters at Walt Disney World

Dining with characters at Walt Disney World is at the top of SO many “must do” lists for guests. The reasons to dine with characters at Walt Disney World vary by guest-but most of the time it is simply because we have our favorites and Walt Disney World offers unique experiences for character dining! So what are the top reasons to dine with characters at Walt Disney World? I am excited to share these with you today!

Character dining at Walt Disney World is something that so many families love-mine included. We have enjoyed almost every character dining experience at Walt Disney World-we have yet to experience Topolino’s. From meals with Lilo, Stitch, Mickey, Disney Jr favorites, and of course the princesses, character dining at Walt Disney World is more than magical!  

You can meet a lot of characters in one sitting.  This is a HUGE timesaver when it comes to your time in the Disney Parks. Typically there are three to four characters at each dining location.  This will save you so much time in the park. You can visit the attractions and see the shows, because you have already seen your favorite characters that morning at breakfast!  

The reasons to dine with characters at Walt Disney World vary by guest-but most of the time it is simply because we have our favorites and Walt Disney World offers unique experiences for character dining!  #disneycharacterdining #disneydining #wdw #disneyparks

Also, it gives your family a chance to see the characters in unique costumes.  You won’t meet Mickey in his chef’s hat and apron anywhere else except Chef Mickey’s.  And Donald in his safari outfit?  Then Tusker House at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is where you want to go.  With so many character dining options on Disney property, you are going to find one with your favorites and their friends.

Character dining gives your children an up close, but not too close, interaction.  One of the main reasons to dine with characters at Walt Disney World is the level of interaction. When you are at a character dining location, you are enjoying a meal and seeing characters.  For many shy children, this is the perfect combination.

The characters come around to your table, so you don’t have the stress of waiting in line, and then your child melting down by the time it is their turn.  They can see the character from a distance before he or she makes it over to you.  When they do arrive at your table, they get down on your child’s level, and interact on his or her terms.  It is wonderful!

There is something for everyone.  You may be traveling with older children, who are over the whole character meet and greet thing.  However, when they have a younger sister who must see her princess friends, why not schedule a meal?   This way, everyone in your family can enjoy a good meal, the little one can meet characters, and then the older ones won’t waste attraction time in the park standing in line to see Snow White.  The family style or buffet style set up of a character meal also makes it a win win for everyone as far as the menu is concerned.

Character dining gives you a fun Disney experience on your arrival, departure, or “down day”.  If you can arrive in the Orlando area by 2PM, you should have plenty of time for a character dinner that evening.  Or, if you have an afternoon departure, you can enjoy a fun breakfast the morning you leave.  

Another great option for character dining is on your non park day.  This is a day you may not choose to use a park ticket, but you still want a magical experience.  Since so many character dining locations are NOT in the Disney Parks but at the resorts instead, it is easy to have some Disney character magic without using a park admission.

Character dining is a unique experience that will make memories.  If you don’t want to schedule all your meals, then plan on one or two character meals your children will enjoy.  They will only love their Disney Jr. friends for a short amount of time.  So take advantage of those moments, and book a breakfast at Hollywood and Vine at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Or while your son still loves Mickey Mouse and Goofy, go for a meal at Chef Mickey’s.  With so many options for character dining, you will be glad you did this while your children are young and create those memories they will have forever!

Character dining is a memorable, magical experience for everyone in your family, young and old!  What is your family’s favorite Disney character dining experience?

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