Volcano Bay Tips and Tricks

Volcano Bay is really the third theme park at Universal Orlando Resort.  It’s so much more than “just a waterpark”.  Attractions, food, entertainment…Volcano Bay has it all! 

When Universal Orlando opened Volcano Bay, they really upped their game in the theme park industry. Volcano Bay is perfectly situated on Universal property, and you can even walk to it from both Aventura and Cabana Bay Beach Resort!

Volcano Bay Tips for a Perfect Day

Volcano Bay Pre Arrival Tips:

Guests need to park in a parking structure and take a motorcoach to the entrance of Volcano Bay.  The exception to this is if you are on Universal Property.  If so, you can walk right over from Aventura or Cabana Bay, as I mentioned.  Or, take a water taxi to Citywalk and take the Volcano Bay motorcoach from there.

You can reserve a cabana for your family ahead of time. If you are traveling with kids, I highly recommend renting a cabana.  It’s your own private sanctuary, you have a place to sit and rest, and you are guaranteed a seat. If you do not want to indulge in a cabana, at least reserve Premium Seating ahead of time.  This allows you to have two lounge chairs, and umbrella, a lockbox, and an attendant who takes your food and drink orders.

Set up your Universal Orlando app before arrival. Make sure you link a credit card for onsite purchases.  This also helps with not worrying about storing your wallet or credit cards while you are in the park enjoying the attractions. It also helps you link your Tapu Tapu when you arrive at Volcano Bay.

Having a Great Day at Volcano Bay Includes:

Bringing your own towels.  If you do not bring your own, you will need to rent them from Volcano Bay.  So save yourself a little bit of money, and bring your own. 

Guests are allowed to bring their own pre packaged food.  Also, be sure to throw in your refillable mug from the Universal Parks to use at Volcano Bay.

Be sure to pack flip flops or water shoes.  There are even flip flop cubbies at the entrance to attractions. The ground does get rather hot during the day.  They have misters and cooling mechanisms, but you’ll be glad you have your flip fops handy.

Give your family plenty of time to explore.  The Krakatau Volcano is the centerpiece of the park.  But nestled around it are so many great attractions!  There are several waterslides, and aqua coaster, and the Punga Racers. These are great for older kids, as they do have some intense drops. Don’t miss Maku Puihi raft ride or the Honu raft ride, where you spin around with others in a large raft as you ride the waves and enjoy the drops on the slide. These are fun for everyone in your family! Your kids could even spend hours just playing on the beach area or moving between the two rivers….the Kopiko Wai and the TeAwa the Fearless River.

There are attractions for little ones! Tot Tiki Reef and Runamukka Reef give your little ones lots of places to run, play, and splash. Plus, there are random cannons around the park where you can tap your Tapu Tapu and shoot water and random guests :).

What is Tapu Tapu?

Simply put, Tapu Tapu is a wristband you wear while you are in Volcano Bay. As you enter the park and show your ticket, they give you a Tapu Tapu to wear.  

Tapu Tapu is used to charge food and items back to your credit card.  You can even set a limit for your kids. If they are old enough to roam around alone, this gives them the option to purchase food or drinks without having to come and find you every five minutes.  It also unlocks your locker, and saves Taptu Snap photos to access later.

Perhaps the BEST function of Tapu Tapu is it saves your place in line.  You walk up to the attraction you want to ride, and scan your band.  It places you in a virtual queue and notifies you when it’s time to return.  It gives you a wait time, and starts counting down for you.  When your time comes, it notifies with a Ride Now.  BUT, do not feel as if you need to immediately leave the area you are in to ride. The Ride Now is valid until you arrive at the attraction.  So even if you arrive 15, 20 minutes or more after your notification, you can still hop on the attraction when you arrive.

Once you join the virtual queue for a line, you cannot join anymore until you tap in for that attraction or you delete it.

While you are waiting for your “Ride Now” notification, be sure to enjoy other attractions or get something to eat.  There is plenty to do while you wait!

Universal’s Volcano Bay is definitely worth an entire day…or two…of your Universal vacation.  There is so much to do, and your entire family will love it!








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