What Our Family Loves about Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

If you have been following along with the 31-Days of Disney series I have going here, you’ll know that I have shared what our family loves about each of the Disney parks.  Today, we are talking about Animal Kingdom!  Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the newest park to the Walt Disney World Resort, opening in 1998.   Through Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, guests have been able to enjoy nature and interact with animals with a whole lot of Disney magic over the years.  While this park is one that we don’t spend a whole day at, I think it is worth sharing with you What Our Family Loves about Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.


The Festival of the Lion King.  No doubt, this is a “must do” on every trip we take to Animal Kingdom.   We just LOVE this short version of the amazing Broadway show.  The music, costumes, and floats are just amazing.   I also love it because there is not a bad seat in the house.   It is indoors, so we like to hit an afternoon show to take a break from the heat.  The crowd participation is fun, and we leave there in high spirits every time!   It is definitely worth seeing!


Character Meet and Greets.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is a great place to see characters.  Baloo and Louie are always a hit.  We have also seen Flick, and Pocahontas has a meet and greet at Animal Kingdom as well.  The Adventurers Outpost is a great place to see Mickey and his friends in their safari gear, and unique costumes always make for great photos.


The Kilimanjaro Safari.  This attraction is in the Africa portion of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.  You board an open air safari bus, and head out to see some wild animals!  The bus driver narrates your excursion, and has tons of fun facts to share with guests about the animals.  We love getting up close to the animals.  You really see a lot!  Giraffes, elephants, hippos, lions, etc.  This attraction is great for a Fastpass, and is perfect in the morning.  It is still cool, so the ride is comfortable.  Second, the animals are out and active in the morning before the hot afternoon sun sets in.

Kali River Rapids.  Again, another one of our favorites!  Be warned, you will get soaked on this ride!  In fact, we even wear ponchos on this one.  If we don’t, we plan it for right when we are ready to leave the park, and can go back to the resort to change.  You board a round river raft, and take a ride through the rapids.  It is super fun, and of course, I am the one who alwasy comes out the most wet after that ride!


Expedition Everest.  Expedition Everest is a roller coaster at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.  First, the queue is awesome.  There are so many Mt. Everest artifacts, fun historical facts, etc.  My kids LOVE looking at those.  While it is definitely worth a Fastpass, it is still a decent queue to wait in if you need to ride standby.  And, the lines are shortest in the morning.

What do you love about Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park?  Does your family spend a whole day there?

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