What Our Family Loves about Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is, in my opinion, the park that changes the most at Walt Disney World.  In our years at Disney, we have seen so many changes at this park, yet we still continue to love it!  If you have a Star Wars fan in your family, then you do NOT want to miss this park.  Do you have a little one?  Definitely not…..it is the only place to find your Disney Jr. friends!   Even though the Sorcerer’s Hat is down, and you have a clear shot to the Chinese Theater, it is still a park we love.  So far you have seen What Our Family Loves about Magic Kingdom, What Our Family Loves about Epcot, and today it is Disney’s Hollywood Studios!



Play and Dine at Hollywood and Vine.   Our family has enjoyed both breakfast and lunch at this location on two different trips.  First, we loved it because our daughter loves Disney, Jr. and it is the only place to get up close and personal with your Disney Jr. friends.  The character interaction here is fantastic.  They also sing and dance, and allow the kids to join in, as well.  Our breakfast was typical Disney breakfast…..Mickey waffles, eggs, bacon, fruit…..you know the typical goodies.  Lunch was wonderful.  Of course, I had some Disney mac and cheese, which I LOVE!  And, the chocolate fountain at the dessert bar was AH-mazing!  I would definitely recommend you eat here on your next trip!


Toy Story Midway Mania.  This is considered a “headliner” attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  That means it is very popular, and well deserving of a Fastpass.  Now that they have added a third track, the standby line does move much faster.  This is an attraction EVERYONE can ride, and my youngest has enjoyed it since she was just a baby.  I personally love being in Andy’s room while waiting in the queue for this one.  I think, if the standby time is reasonable, it is definitely worth it to go in and wait in the standby queue and enjoy Andy’s Room!

Character Meet and Greets. I know, you can see characters in most every park!  However, I do love the ones at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  This is the only place you can find the Sorcerer Mickey, who is super cute in person.  Plus, now they have the new Mickey and Minnie Red Carpet Dreams set up, with Mickey and Minnie in their beautiful formal costumes.   You can also find “Characterpalooza” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  This is a “random” character meet and greet, and is never on the Times Guide.  This is a GREAT place to see elusive characters, and typically takes place near the main entrance.  It is also the only park where you can find Olaf, the Green Army Men, and the Star Wars characters.


Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage.  I cry at the end of this, every time.  It just gets me.  The costumes are beautiful, the songs are authentic from the soundtrack, and it is just a beautiful representation of a Disney classic.  We like to get a snack and get a seat toward the back, on the upper portion of the amphitheater.  This gives us the opportunity to see the whole stage.  Plus, we don’t have to wait in line so long since we like the seats at the back.  The colors of the costumes, the precise story telling, and the music make this one of my favorite shows in all of the parks.


Star Wars.  If you have  Star Wars fan, then you will want to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Star Tours, which is a simulator ride, has been a long time favorite of my twins.  Ever since they were a young age, this has been a “must do” for them.  Tatooine Traders is their favorite shop, and making their own light saber has been the highlight of one of our trips.  Plus, you have some exclusive meet and greets with Star Wars characters.  Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, Stormtroopers, and Darth Vader can be found at various times and places here.  Plus, the new Star Wars Launch Bay has exclusive items from past movies, replicas, and special exhibits.

What do you love about Disney’s Hollywood Studios?  We’d love to know!

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