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What to Wear on a Disney Cruise

Are you having a case of the winter blues and dreaming of a cruise?  I am!  I wish I had a Disney Cruise Line countdown on the horizon….but alas that is not currently the case!  However, having been on three Disney Cruise Line voyages, I have merged from totally overpacking to now packing just enough for our sailings.  Today, I am going to share What to Wear on a Disney Cruise, so you are prepared for your next sailing!

When packing for a cruise, I want to pack the minimum amount as possible, as there is limited storage in our stateroom, and at the same time, I don’t want to leave anytime important behind!  Today, I am going to talk about the dress code on Disney Cruise Line, as well as some tips to help you get the most out of your suitcase space when packing for your next sailing!

There are some dress code guidelines for dinner on Disney Cruise Line.  In general, there are some guidelines for dressing for dinner on DCL.  First, it depends on the length of your cruise. Each sailing has a Pirate Night, then the other nights range from cruise casual to formal. You can call Disney Cruise Line before you sail to find out which night is which theme.  Also, semi-formal basically means a nice, casual dress or pants/top for women and polo shirts for the men.  Formal, that ranges from black tie and gowns, to shirts and ties and a dressier dress.  You will see it all on Disney Cruise Line!  Here is my opinion, though….if you do not want to dress formally for dinner, then don’t.  But, maybe that is a good night to order room service or eat at Cabana’s.  

Cruise casual basically means no swimwear or tank tops in the Main Dining Room for dinner.  You can wear shorts, nice tops, dresses, casual pants, etc.  But swimwear and tank tops are not allowed.  Cruise casual is typically the dress code on your embarkation night.  This works well for guests who have the Main Seating for dining, as you may not have access to your luggage with your nicer clothes in it until a few hours after you have boarded.  Plan on wearing the same outfit to dinner that you embark the ship in, or have a change of clothes in your day bag. Maybe even a nice necklace and cute cardigan that you can throw on to sort of freshen up for dinner.

Pack outfits and accessories that mix and match easily.  My suggestion is to take one day outfit and one evening outfit per person. Remember, you will likely be in your swimsuit the majority of the time.  For the day outfit, it’s a good idea to even take something that can go from day to night. For example, a nice top for during the day that you can wear with shorts, and then with a nice pair of slacks or a skirt in the evening for dinner.  Or, a black maxi dress to wear during the day and then possibly add a cardigan or scarf with it for dinner.  There is laundry onboard as well if you need it.  

Palo and Remy have a strict dress code.  These two adult only dining locations on the Disney Cruise Line fleet are very strict in their dress code.  If you choose to dine here, then men need to have a jacket and dress pants. Women are required to wear a dress, cocktail dress, pantsuit, or skirt/blouse outfit.  They will turn you away if you do not adhere to the dress code.  This is a great example of wearing the same dress with different shoes, or different accessories to your meal at Palo or Remy and also in the Main Dining Room on formal or semi-formal night.

Get into the spirit of Pirate Night and other themed nights. Pirate Night is super fun, and shouldn’t be missed!  The variety of costumes is endless!   You can DIY pirate shirts and wear them with plain shorts or skirts.  Another option is to buy pirate costumes from a party store or costume shop.  Or, you can go with red/white/black color scheme and wear the bandanas they give you on DCL for Pirate Night.  You can wear your pirate gear to dinner, as well. Some sailings offer Star Wars or Marvel Day at Sea.  These allow you to have the opportunity to dress in themed costumes….to really get into the fun festivities that evening!  

With so many great options, it is easy to take advantage of dressing up, dressing down, or in a theme on your Disney Cruise.  Enjoy the special themes, and make great memories with your family!


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