Why You Need Disney’s Memorymaker on Your Next Trip

Disney’s Memorymaker has me totally hooked now.  You have no idea how hard it was for me to type that sentence!  Why?  Because I’m a picture snob.  I make sure every Disney vacation that I take hundreds of photos to keep those precious moments and memories forever.  I take a DSLr, my small point and shoot, and my phone on every trip. Yes, I love to take photos. Especially at Disney.  This past trip, I added Memorymaker to our Magic Your Way Package.


I add it to guest reservations all the time, and see my clients post these super fun, magical photos on social media.  And I wanted to know first hand what that was all about. Now, I will never go to Disney without Memorymaker again!  Today I want to share with you why you need Disney’s Memorymaker on your next trip.  As if the cuteness in these photos isn’t enough to talk you into it……..


You will come home from Walt Disney World with literally hundreds of photos.  I had no idea what to expect.  But when I logged into My Disney Experience upon returning home from Orlando, there sat almost 340 photos.  And they were really good!  We had several of each pose, stock photos I can use in scrapbooks, plus some great variety of locations as our background.


You can edit your photos with fun Disney effects.  This is my favorite aspect of Memorymaker.  I had so much fun adding effects to my photos, like making them black and white, adding Disney themed borders, and even character signatures.  After I was done editing and saving them in various sizes,  I had taken those 340 photos and now they were over 1,000!


Disney Memorymaker photographers are everywhere in the parks.  You cannot miss them.  We stopped at almost every one we saw, and he or she posed us in fun shots, and in some nice family poses as well.  Plus, we asked for Magic Shots.  This is when the photographer poses you and then when you look at your photo on MDE, something magical has appeared!  For ours, we had some with Olaf, Mike Wasowski, and Stitch.  They are so fun!  Plus, when you disembark from an attraction, such as Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, you just scan your MagicBand….and voila!  Your photos of you from the attraction are on there!


You may find a MemoryMaker photographer at a character meal or a meet and greet.  At every meet and greet we encountered, there was a photographer there.  Even though I took my own photos in some situations, it was so nice to sit back and watch my children enjoy the moment.   I wasn’t focused on getting the right photo or capturing their face the right way.  It was all taken care of by the Memorymaker photographer.  We had a photographer at O’hana, but not at Hollywood and Vine.  So, they are not at EVERY character meal.


You can download your photos and do with them what you please.  That for me, is a huge bonus.  I downloaded my photos and saved them on my computer.  Then I added them to my Shutterfly account.  Now, I can take advantage of those awesome “Free 100 Prints”, or “Free 5×7 Card”, or whatever great sale Shutterfly is having.  My photos, for $169, are mine to do with as I want.  So I’m not tied to printing them from Disney, or buying a CD that houses them.  They are on my computer and I can use them for whatever I choose.  Christmas cards, photo gifts, scrapbooking, etc.


I love Memorymaker.  It is so awesome, and the photos are great quality.  None of mine were blurry or off focus.  I will say, the only ones I wasn’t super thrilled with were the ones in Princess Fairytale Hall when we met Cinderella.  The ones with Rapunzel were great.  But when we moved 10 feet to the right to see Cinderella, the lighting was a bit dark.  The photos are definitely usable and clear, just a tad darker than I’d prefer.


You need Memorymaker on your next trip.  Even though I was still whipping out my phone on the attractions, at the meet and greets, and in random parts of the park, I am so glad I came home to tons of photos.  Will you be adding MemoryMaker to your Magic Your Way Package?

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  1. This is so wonderful to hear! We added it to our upcoming trip (check in Nov. 28th) on a whim and now I’m so very excited and glad we did! Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to experience the freedom of being able to enjoy those precious moments without having to worry about getting good pictures. It will be nice to be in a few too! 🙂

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