How to Make a Burlap Wreath Bow

Spring is “blooming” around here!   Is it unseasonably warm where you live?  We have been feeling some nice spring temps this week, which gave me the itch to start putting up some spring decor.  Yellows, blues, greens…the soft spring colors are debuting in our house, and the spring wreath is up on the front door!  Today I am going to share how to make a burlap wreath bow.  It’s super easy, and before you know it, you have a perfect bow on your wreath.  


Roll of Burlap Ribbon  {I found this cute shimmery spring burlap at JoAnn Fabrics}

Jute or twine

Grosgrain Ribbon





Cut the burlap into the following pieces:  18 inches {you need two of these} and 15 inches {you need one of these}.

Fold the ends of ONE of the 18-inch pieces so they meet evenly in the middle.  Staple them together.  Repeat this process with the 15-inch piece.  

Cut a piece of jute or twine about 6 inches long.  You are going to use this to make the top part of your bow when you tie the 18-inch and 15-inch piece together.  Lay your piece of jute on the table vertically, and then center the 18-inch piece on it horizontally.  Next, center the 15-inch piece on the 18-inch piece.  Tie the jute in a secure knot to form the bow.  When you pull the ends together to tie it, it should crinkle your burlap so it looks like a bow.  Snip off the extra jute.  Your burlap should look like this:

Now it’s time to fashion the tail of your bow and put it all together.  Cut an 8 inch or so piece of ribbon, and lay it vertically on the work space.  Lay the top of your bow that you just fashioned in the center, horizontally.  Take your second 18-inch piece of burlap an line it up with the middle of your bow, under where you tied the jute.  

****Note:  I had to fold my burlap tail into thirds and staple the middle together because it was too wide for my liking. I also cut my grosgrain longer so I could use the left over for part of the tail.    

Tie the ends of the grosgrain ribbon to attach the tail to the bow.  Give it a nice tug and double knot it in the middle . This is similar to how you tied your bow pieces together with the jute.  Snip off any excess grosgrain and you are all done!  Your bow should look like this:

I attached the bow with large, sturdy pins to the wreath, and I really like the way it turned out.  

I had a burlap wrapped wreath that I dressed up with some of the yellow grosgrain ribbon I used on the bow.  I painted a wood “H” from JoAnn Fabrics with DecoArt Coastal Waters as the base, and then Peacock Pearl as the shimmery coat. Now, this is what hangs on our front door:

How are you dressing up your space for spring?





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