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What Our Family Loves about Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Park has to be my absolute favorite!  The sounds, smells, the castle, the parades…we love it all!  Cinderella’s Castle, Happily Ever After, Main Street USA, and a blast from the past…the Main Street Electrical Parade are all iconic to the Magic Kingdom.  Guests of the Disney Parks consider Magic Kingdom as THE Disney park to visit, and it is no surprise why!  It’s where magic lives, and I am going to share What Our Family Loves about Magic Kingdom Park!

What Our Family Loves about Disney's Magic Kingdom

Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade.  This parade appears every afternoon at 3PM. Note that during certain times of the year, it takes place at 2PM.  It begins in Frontierland, and ends on Main Street USA.  We like to watch the parade in Frontierland, just across from the Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn. I absolutely LOVE this parade.  The floats, the characters, and the soundtrack make the middle of my Magic Kingdom Day fantastic.  The Beauty and the Beast float, as well as the Tinkerbell are definitely my favorite!  Afterward, we are in a prime place to ride some attractions with little to no wait, such as Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.

Fantasyland.  Of all the “lands” at Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland is my favorite.  This is where Cinderella’s Castle is located.  We spend quite a bit of time in Fantasyland.  Some of our favorite attractions here are the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Peter Pan’s Flight, Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel, and of course “it’s a small world”.    We also like to find our princess friends here, in Princess Fairytale Hall. We have seen Rapunzel and Cinderella here.

Pinocchio Village Haus.  This is also located in Fantasyland, and is a quick service dining location.  We eat here multiple times, sometimes twice in the same day, when we are at Magic Kingdom park.  Their flatbreads are the absolute best!  We also like to watch the “it’s a small world” boats from the upper level.  My kids love waving to the passengers below as they start their voyage on the happiest cruise that ever sailed!  Plus, it is centrally located.  So as we are making our way across the park, it is easy to stop and grab something to eat.

Storybook Circus.  LOVE this expansion of Magic Kingdom Park!  It has been here for a few years, and used to be knows and Mickey’s Toontown.  Remember those days?  I do!  But now it is Storybook Circus. Not only is Dumbo the Flying Elephant located back here, but also Pete’s Silly Sideshow.  My daughter LOVES meeting Minnie, Daisy, Pluto, and Goofy in their circus costumes.  I love it because it is huge on the inside, and the waits are usually very short.  Plus, it gives us a nice break from the sun.  When you are in Storybook Circus, look for the small details. There are peanut shells stuck in the walkways, amongst other cute details.  From there, you can take the Walt Disney World Railroad up to Main Street USA if you are on your way out of the park.

Pixie Hollow.  Pixie Hollow is where Tinkerbell meets guests, and it is super cute!  The details in here are amazing, and the Tinkerbell is always spot on!  She makes her meet and greet so fun, and sweet.  My daughter absolutely adores it.  It is also a great way to spend time while waiting for a parade on Main Street, or a fun way to start your day at Magic Kingdom because she is in Town Square Theater, which is right to your right as you walk into Magic Kingdom.

Happily Ever After.  Every evening, Magic Kingdom puts on a spectacular fireworks and projections show, aka “Happily Ever After”. This show replaced the beloved “Wishes”, and is absolutely amazing.  It gives you ALL the feels! As you watch the show, your favorite Disney movies are projected on Cinderella’s Castle, and the soundtrack reminds us that we need to reach out and find our “happily ever after”.  To get a good seat, you need to be full on in front of the castle, which involves one of two things.  Either you stake out a spot on Main Street USA about 45 minutes before the party starts, or you book a dessert party.  The Plaza Garden Viewing for the Happily Ever After Dessert Party is our personal preference!  You really can’t beat the views!

A Pirates Adventure~Treasure of the Seven Seas.  My boys LOVE, love, love this activity at Magic Kingdom.  I love it because it is free :).  It takes place in Adventureland, just as you come into Adventureland from Frontierland.  There is a little kiosk that houses the maps for the Pirates Adventure.  It is a scavenger hunt that only takes place in Adventureland.  After you have completed one map, you can go back and get another one.  The cool thing, is the maps make a fun, free souvenir. Secondly, it keeps the boys entertained while we sit and rest a bit, or the little sister naps in the stroller.  They venture in and out of gift shops, around the props, etc and find clues with their talisman to solve the scavenger hunt.  We love it because it gives us a break from the attractions and some down time while we are in the parks.

There is so much about Magic Kingdom that we love….I can’t really think of anything I don’t love about it!  It is my personal favorite park…..and one that we spend at least two days of tickets on when we are at Walt Disney World.  What do you love about Magic Kingdom?





    1. Thank you so much for sharing! We’re Disneyland AP holders but Disney World is new for us! These are going on our “must do” list!

      1. Sure! I am glad you were able to get some good tips!

  1. I LOVE Happily Ever After. The ending music gets me every time!

    1. I know! I listen to it on YouTube when I am working :).

  2. I may be an adult (sometimes!) but I sure love visiting Pixie Hollow! I love TInkerbell and they fun way she interacts with everyone.

  3. Magic Kingdom is such an amazing place. You are right that often looking for the small details brings the most joy. There is nothing quite like visiting for the first time in a while and walking down Main Street. Cinderella Castle is always a breathtaking sight!

  4. I gotta admit, Happily Ever After is growing on me. I really didn’t want to like it because I loved Wishes so much but I do. ?

    1. I know! I love it so much! I really like Wishes, too. But I also love HEA!

  5. We have the exact same strategy for the parade! Also head right to Splash or Big Thunder right after.

  6. Pirate Adventure is one of our favorites! It’s a great way to spend the afternoon when the lines are long!

    1. I agree! Plus, you see so many aspects of Adventureland that you would normally miss.

  7. We love Magic Kingdom too. Everything about it is just magical!

  8. This west coast girl loves the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and Carousel of Progress. Those are always on the top of my must dos as they are no longer at Disneyland.

    1. Yes! My boys LOVED it! A good thing for them to do while their sister napped.

  9. Magic Kingdom is one of my favorite parks!!! I I haven’t had the opportunity to do the dessert party, but it does sound like something that needs to go on the bucket list. Happily Ever After is amazing!

    1. Happily Ever After Dessert Party has moved from a “bucket list” to a “must do” for me. I absolutely love it!

  10. These are definitely some of our favorites too at Disney Magic Kingdom!

    1. I think that Magic Kingdom is the best park! I am glad we like some of the same things!

  11. Yes! The Pirates Adventure is VERY fun! It’s a great, frugal way to explore the park.

  12. I’m almost embarrassed to admit I wasn’t even aware of Pixie Hallow! I’ve already added it to our “To Do” list for our next visit. Thank you for sharing!

  13. This is such a great article. I always love hearing about family’s personal favorites. I totally agree with you on the Happily Ever After! I almost tear up every time.

    1. Thank you! I know…I can’t sit through Happily Ever After without crying. It’s my favorite.

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