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DIY Frosted Glass Block

Creating your own frosted glass block is super simple! Bring a little bit of fall into your home with this easy tutorial. This is a great project to try a new technique with your vinyl crafting, or even for a beginner!

I have been wanting to create a frosted glass block for quite some time, and now is the time! As I settle into my fall routine, and look forward to the holidays, I start to think of how I can freshen up our home and make it extra cozy. I love simple, seasonal decor. Secondly, I love using my Silhouette Cameo….as if you didn’t know that already!

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With a few simple supplies, I created this DIY Frosted Glass Block for fall.  This would also make a beautiful Christmas gift….and I am definitely going to tuck this idea away for later. This is so simple to create, and the StyleTech Transparent Vinyl I used gives it a nice unique touch. Since the block I chose is on the smaller side, I could easily make it a “series”, and I think I might for the holidays. Adding one word to each block would be perfect for our mantel!  You could also do the same for this project, adding your favorite “autumn” words.  Think thankful, fall, autumn, cozy, blessed, grateful, give thanks…any of those will work!

I decided on “thankful”, and I used the Offset function on my Silhouette software.  Have you used the Offset?  Next to “Group” and “Ungroup”, Offset is my favorite. 

How to Use the Offset Function in Silhouette Design Studio:

First, open your design screen and add some text.  Size it to your desired dimensions.

Next, right click on the text and a menu box will pop up.  Scroll down until you see “Offset” and click on it.

A smaller box will open to the right, and it will automatically offset your text to 0.125.  This creates a smaller outline, or “offset” around your original text.  You can increase and decrease the offset layer by clicking on the small arrows next to the measurement box.

When you have your measurement set, just click on “Apply” and then close the Offset box.  Now, you will see your original text with a nice outline around it.  Click on the original text, and drag it down, below the outline.  Now you have two versions of the same word!  Form here, you cut one at a time in your desired color.

Why do you want to use the Offset?  It gives your project another dimension.  It allows you to layer and it gives your project a finished look.  I have used “Offset” a lot, especially when I am making shirts for our Disney trips.  When I created my DIY Minnie Mouse shirt, I used the Offset function so it would line up nicely.  I also like to use it when I am creating something simple, but I want a more complex look.

Supplies for a DIY Frosted Glass Block:

Styletech Craft Transparent Vinyl  {I used both transparent AND glitter transparent}

Silhouette Cameo, or similar cutting machine

Scissors and weeding tools

Fall leaves

Glass Block {mine is a 4″x8″}

Frosted Glass Spray

Matte Finish Spray

Transfer Tape

Fairy String Lights

Tips for a DIY Frosted Glass Block:

Clean your glass block with a micro-fiber cloth to get all the dust off of it.  You want a smooth surface. Using alcohol to clean it isn’t a bad idea, either.  I typically use alcohol to clean glass when applying it to a small surface, such as a Christmas ornament. It’s a nice, extra step to a clean surface.

To frost your glass, Krylon makes a Frosted Glass spray paint.  I love it!  It works so well. Give your glass block a nice coat or two of the frosted glass spray. So simple!

While the frosted glass spray is nice, it also can flake off. To avoid this, you want to take the extra step and apply a Matte Finish spray.  Doing so will keep your frost from flaking.  Also, I think this step is crucial before you apply your vinyl.  Transfer tape can be strong, and you don’t want it peeling off your frost.

To apply your transparent vinyl, add your offset layer first.  This is the outer edge of your offset, the one that looks a little fuller.  This goes on first.  Be sure to trim your transfer tape as close to the edges of your vinyl as possible.  This will eliminate the chance of it pulling up any paint on your glass.  Gently peel off the transfer tape.  Next, line up your top layer, and repeat the same process. 

From here, I filled my block with fairy lights and fall leaves I picked up at the craft store. The lights really gave it a finished, cozy look. So cute!

Creating a frosted glass block can be simple and quick with the right supplies.  What do you like to create for fall?







  1. Susie Bentz says:

    So many great tips! This looks awesome!

  2. So pretty! I haven’t used the offset function before, but you explained it so clearly that I am going to try it today. You’re my hero!

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